AEC EXPORT Co.,LTD. is the Thai – Japanese joint venture company been founded for being exporting hub and distributed the best innovative LED & SOLAR CELLS & High quality Thai Products.

We are the exporting hub for Thai Entrepreneurs.



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  • Here at AEC Brand, we strongly believe that the future Innovation of Energy which we so call “A-dvance E-nergy C-reation” can raise up the efficiency while lower production cost in your factory.
  • Not only saving the energy but creating the energy sustainable for your company and help return good to our world.


Unique of Innovative AEC BRAND

1.High quality

We use the highest modern technology which are joint development between the energy saving company in Thailand and the leading technology company from Japan.

2.Most saving

Further from the energy saving, we focus on the “cost saving and best investment”. This is the main point of view reflected from the purchasing of leading industry and company.

3.Long lifespan

Quality is the heart of every steps and development here. The innovation of AEC BRAND has been trusted by engineers and electricians of leading industrial company. Well known as “just 1 time installation – No need correction” which are totally different from the other ordinary products in the market.


Unique of services AEC BRAND

1.Complete services

We have complete services in every scale sizes Turn Key Project: in normal scale or for the whole sites.

2.Best selection for customers

Only introduce best quality and long lifespan products to our customers.

3.Qualified professional team

Our team of engineers and electricians are very well known and having experienced working in factory services such a long time.

4.Full service mind, high responsibility

After sale services are very important in our company likewise the leading Japanese company. Making it be the main reasons why we are the trusted selection from procurement and purchasing of leading factory.



  • We are the exporting hub for Thai Entrepreneurs. In role of business consultant for energy saving, we have strong mission in balancing their own benefits fairness which are;



Encourage building up the long term energy by developing the lighting innovation energy saving LED, high technology and quality Solar Cells. Good value and cost effective for sustainable economic growing up.


Being good company for our society. We have designed and developed LED lighting and Solar Cells with strongly believing to reduce the energy consumption, reduce the bad effect to our environment. Decrease CO2 release and greenhouse effects.


Support and encourage on learning the new working skills continuously. Gain quality of life to the same standard of other leading company. Build up love and loyalty bonding to organization.


Operating business with high return to shareholders which are the respective investors of the company. Progressive expanding and growing domestically and internationally business.


Best co-ordination with vendors, distributors, contractors, energy saving consultants on ethical basis. Strongly trusted in good business relationship and hand-in-hand growing.


Building up satisfaction and good service to every customers. Proposing best quality LED lighting and Solar Cells under international standards and reasonable prices.